Hague Fund is an actively managed investment fund with a focus on global volatility in the most liquid markets.

Monitoring these markets and applying our algorithms is automated. This way we ensure that we are only trading on other marketparticipant’s emotions, not with ours. With strict embedded rules around what, when and how much to invest we strive to achieve a stable above average return.

This above average return can not be generated taking significant risks. Hence no large market fluctuations may impact the entire portfolio significantly and the investor should always be able to redeem their investment.

Investment strategy

Hague Fund develops and uses quantitative models which aim to benefit from increasing and decreasing market trends. Every trade is characterised by its limited loss potential and its virtually unlimited potential upside.

HagueFund’s system places automated trades on a daily basis. In case a trade shows no upside potential the trade will be closed at a pre-determined level.

It often happens that the system will not enter into any trades. In these instances the non-invested funds will be held in Hague Fund’s bank account at no risk.


Hague Fund’s ambitions are to generate a stable and above average return taking limited risks. This favourable risk/reward level is poised to generate an average return that exceeds that of our competitors.


An average net return on investment of around 12-16%
Average risk per trade of 0.75%


Investment amounts are segregated from the funds under management. It is strictly governed that Hague Fund can only use the investment amounts in accordance with the rules outlined in the prospectus.
This means that your money is Safe!

The bank accounts that Hague Fund use and where participants transfer their money to, is managed by a highly regarded custodian, Kaya Services.

Target audience

Hague Fund focuses on a variety of volatile markets. However, it often happens that even these most volatile markets have periods that there is no volatility. During these periods it is possible that Hague Fund will not reach its targeted returns. The chances of positive returns are therefore greatest if investors have an investment horizon of at least 2 years.

Investment amount

The minimum initial investment amount is € 150,000. Any follow on investments and/or redemptions can be done in tranches of € 50,000.

HagueFund is governed under and fully compliant with Dutch law and exempt from AFM (“Authoriteit Financiële Markten”) regulations, the Dutch regulator for financial institutions.

Fee structure

Hague Fund charges a management fee and a performance fee. The performance fee however only applies after a hurdle rate of 7% net result (after management fee) has been achieved.

Management Fee 1.5%
Hurdle rate 7%
Performance Fee 20%

There are no entry nor redemption fees.

The stated ambitions on this website are net of the above mentioned fees.