Hague Fund

The idea behind Hague Fund stems from the global financial crisis in 2007. Back then there were portfolios that were not only significantly impacted by the large market fluctuations but neither could they be liquidated as a result of illiquidity of these markets. That had to be a way that this could be done differently:

The ambition was to create an above average return with an investment strategy based on the following principles:
– No single transaction can lead to a significant loss
– No lockup periods
– No market predictions

After spending many hours on the development and testing of concept investment strategies, Hague Fund was started on August 1st 2012. Together with our partners “Young Venture Capital” and “VenturesOne” we started a trial and testing period. Throughout this testing phase we proved that the investment strategy worked as designed and we decided to open up HagueFund to the market late 2014. Hague Fund has been live since the 1st of April 2015.

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